Thursday, October 18, 2007

Youth Without Youth - Official Trailer

Youth Without Youth is based on a novel by Romanian author Mircea Eliade.
The movie is directed by the great Francis Ford Coppola: so let's bet that the movie is going to be at least as great as its director !

Here the international trailer:

And the first teaser of Youth Without Youth released some time before:

Here the plot:
"A love story wrapped in a mystery. Set in Europe before WWII, a timid professor is changed by a cataclysmic event and explores the mysteries of life." (Source: IMDb)

The trailers give us more details: a man who is rejuvenating because of a cataclysmic event is tracked by government agents through the world because they want to know his secret.

This movie should be released on December 14, 2007.
It's never too soon for a film by Coppola !